Youth Street Art Project Slammed For Featuring A Gun  Comments (0)


A youth street art project has been criticised for depicting a gun.

West Dorset District Council’s Good Graffiti scheme aims to encourage young artists by providing a painting space under a Dorchester railway bridge.

Town council members said the western movie-themed image showing a cowboy’s revolver had “divided opinions”.

District councillor Gillian Summers, who instigated the scheme, said: “Bland and boring art wouldn’t be worth bothering with.”

Dorchester town councillor Tess James said residents had complained about the image painted underneath the railway bridge at Damers Road.

They broadly feel it is a good project, excellently done – it’s just the gun is not for us.


The wall was set up by the council in a bid to reduce vandalism in Dorchester
The project was set up to reduce vandalism and “unsightly” graffiti around Dorchester.

Ms Summers dismissed the criticisms as a “great shame”.

Free walls happen all over the world – where anyone can paint on top of other people’s work. In fact, the town council could go and paint over the gun.

Rob Rees, who set up a Facebook group in support of the image, which has attracted more than 2,500 ‘likes’, said: “Dorchester is an up-and-coming town but there are some people who are set in their ways.

It doesn’t need to be changed – it’s just a painting.

Sochi Art Starts To Pop Up But It’s Not Banksy  Comments (0)


The other day, we posted about a possible new Banksy exhibition in the current Winter Olympics host nation of Russia. But this was based on the Whitestone city of Moscow. Not the Sochi Olympics!

We are less than a week in to the Winter games and we are already being subjected to a barrage of badly-backed claims that Banksy has left his mark on the frozen field of dreams. It makes you wonder if these people have ever even seen a piece of Banksy art before!

Emag has posted an article entitled, Banksy Olympics 2014 Project.

With the Sochi Winter Olympics now in full swing, irreverent artist Banksy has taken to the streets to offer his take on the winter games. The artist has created several new paintings that challenge the commercial nature of the games as well as the politics of host nation Russia. A logo-emblazoned Ronald McDonald running past the Olympic rings while his torch spews pollution makes up one of the pieces while another depicts a javelin thrower mid-throw with a missile in one hand — perhaps a subtle jibe at Russia and the allegations of its supplying Syria with arms.

Bristol Post make a bloody good point.

There has been no mention of a new series of work on Banksy’s official website, or from his representatives. Other than the Olympic rings, the graffiti in question has been done free-hand, which is not usually Banksy’s style.

To be fair though, anyone who knows the work of a world-renowned street artist from a graff-head wannabe would know that.

Let’s point it out for those that find it hard to comprehend…

This, is an Olympics-inspired Banksy piece. The cartoon at the top of the page, is not.

And, breath. ;)


Stealing Banksy – Showing Some Of His Finest  Comments (0)


Where best to see all of Banksy’s most famous and expensive creations than at an exhibition. And a £5million exhibition at that!

The event, Stealing Banksy, is the culmination of a 12-month project to uncover, salvage and lovingly restore the work of the UK’s, if not, the world’s, most elusive street artist, and that of other renowned street artists.

Exploring the social, legal and moral issues surrounding the sale of street art, 20 pieces of Banksy’s work will be on show, resulting in the most expensive collection of Banksy art ever assembled under one roof.

No Ball Games was salvaged just months after his now-infamous Slave Labour creation, which was recovered by The Sincura Group and returned to the UK just hours before going under the hammer in the US.


After nine months of restoration, No Ball Games, is now estimated to be worth £1 million and will be unveiled on the day one of the exhibition.

Taking place from the 24th-27th April 2014 at the ME London Hotel on The Strand, an auction will take place on the final day with all profits from its sale being donated to local charities.

Public tickets are available for Saturday, April 26 and Sunday, April 27, but Thursday and Friday have already sold out.

Check out the Stealing Banksy website to get some, priced at a very reasonable, £17.50 each.

A charitable donation will be made for each ticket bought, and guests will be given a copy of the specially commissioned Banksy Bugle newspaper upon arrival at the show.

Lovely. ;)

NZ Dairy Farmer Laughing All The Way To The Banksy  Comments (0)


A New Zealand dairy farmer is laughing all the way to the Banksy as she looks to make some serious mulah on an original print by the man himself.

After purchasing the piece on the streets of NYC for the tidy little sum of about $75 NZD (£37!), Arnika, who is keeping her surname to herself, landed back in The Garden City of Christchurch the day after to see her two Banksy canvases hung in the Canterbury Museum street art exhibition, Oi YOU! Presents RISE.

The works, Kids on Guns and Pooh Bear Trap, are worth a combined $380,000 NZD (£188,505). Now authenticated, framed, valued and insured, Arnika is selling Kids on Guns for a sweet, $200,000 (£99,211)!

In the meantime, both works hang in the museum alongside 22 other Banksy works for the public to enjoy.

Arnika and her husband had been living and working in New York for about six months when they decided to move to New Zealand. When the time came to leave the US, her husband jumped on a morning flight, with Arnika due the next day.

He’d just left, and I was in the apartment with the blow up mattress and a set of sheets. It was lonely so I went for a walk.

On her walk, she noticed a new stall manned by an elderly man selling street-art style prints.

I knew in my gut something was up, those stalls never change.

The stall holder claimed they were authentic, Arnika took the chance, and her punt paid off!

Defaced New Orleans Banksy Removed And Restored  Comments (0)


There’s more good news as the fight to save works by our beloved Banksy from haters and vandals gathers momentum.

One of his 2008 spray-painted stencil murals on Elysian Fields Avenue in Marigny, New Orleans, has been carefully removed from the building where it was painted, along with a big wedge, roughly 8-by-8-foot, section of plaster.

Once the dust of Hurricane Katrina had settled, Banksy secretly produced a series of new images that poetically depicted aspects of the recovery. The Elysian Fields painting, one of our favourites from that particular project, shows soldiers looting through an open window.

Well, haters gon’ hate, and it wasn’t long until it was completely defaced. In fact, most of the 2008 Banksys suffered a similar fate.

The owner of the Elysian Fields warehouse, Sean Cummings, is lover of street art.

With New Orleans increasingly recognised as an arts capitol, it is important to me to restore this iconic mural created by an internationally admired artist. There are few people in the world as highly acclaimed for artistic excellence as for poking a witty finger in the eye of convention. His is an epic rebel spirit, and I hope others will also preserve the few original Bankys we have in our city.

According to Sean, Banksy used to apply some sort of clear varnish to his work to protect the murals from vandals. He reckons that a test conducted last year proved that the Elysian Fields image may still be recoverable, even under all of the subsequent layers of paint.

Sean also said that masonry experts discovered that it was possible to remove the top one or two inches of plaster from the surface of the building, without needing to disturb the underlying structure. And that’s what happened; the Banksy and the plaster beneath was carefully removed and transported to a site where the painting can be restored to its original glory.

We all know how lucrative a Banksy-on-a-building can be these days but Sean hasn’t made plans for this one just yet… ;)


Who Is The Tube Sign Parody Genius?  Comments (0)

This is comedy gold.

Someone has been replacing those rather dull and oppressive tube signs that we all know and loath with some extremely funny, and very effective, parody cover-ups.

In a similar style to some of Banksy’s earlier work, where he would add his satirical twist to government logos, political slogans, and even well-known road signs, this, currently unknown character, has been masking tube signs and line maps with his own versions.

The detail is awesome. From the font, to the colours, and placement, it really does take a second-look to realise that they are actually fake. We’d love to be there when someone sees, “Naughty passengers will be crushed”, or, “No eye contact. Penalty £200″ for the first time.

Do you know who this could be? Email us and let us know!

In the meantime, enjoy these.

Banksy – You Are An Acceptable Level of Threat  Comments (0)


We all know Banksy by now. Well, sort of. ;)

His satirical street art and subversive epigrams combine dark humour with graffiti executed in a distinctive stencilling technique. Such artistic works of political and social commentary have been featured on streets, walls, and bridges of cities throughout the world.

And now, a new book, titled, You Are An Acceptable Level of Threat and If You Were Not You Would Know About It has been produced by Carpet Bombing Culture. It features over 100 photographs of his work, from LA to Bethlehem, and even further afield.

If you’ve never heard of Banksy, this book is all you’ll ever need to read to be able to engage in pub table debates about the man and the legend. This book is designed to ignite, provoke and inspire you – and is a work of art in itself.

Banksy Piece Rescued From The Rubble – Worth £35,000!  Comments (0)

Banksy’s famous, It Wasn’t Me, has been rescued from the rubble of a Brentwood pub and is now pride-of-place at Brandler Galleries.

Gallery owner, John Brandler, bought the piece at an auction last year and it has been on display ever since.

I love this particular piece. It is exactly what Banksy is known for; he has a good sense of humour.

John has invested 30 years in buying and selling some of the most coveted and cool works or art in the world is renowned as being as one of the shrewdest dealers in the business. It’s not the first Banksy piece that John’s been involved with. He was the unfortunate target of a scam artist back in February 2013.


The Voice of Russia Claims New Moscow-Based Banksy Exhibition  Comments (0)


It’s recently emerged that our beloved Banksy is to stage a new exhibition in Moscow in the coming months.

According to The Voice of Russia, more than 130 of his finest works; paintings, sculptures, graffiti, collages, videos, and more, will be exhibited in the Whitestone capital of Russia, at the Manezh Exhibition Centre.

Vitaly Borisov, founder of the Russian street-art group Letscolors said…

I think it will be one of the largest cultural events in Russia and I’m sure that plenty of people not only from Moscow, but from other cities and countries will come to see this exhibition. The phenomenon of Banksy’ popularity, in my opinion, lies in the simplicity and openness of his works. There is always a mix of informative, social and art message in his graffiti, but without the complex implication that often scares the public away. Banksy’s works are comprehensible to everyone, which is quite rare in modern art.

Looks like it’ll be just in time for the Sochi 2014 Winter Olympics. ;)


Chris Martin Goes Up In Our Estimation With $400k Banksy Purchase  Comments (0)


Celebrities gathered in force on Saturday night for Sean Penn‘s Help Haiti benefit at at the Montage hotel in Beverly Hills.

In attendance; Chris Martin, accompanied by his better half, Gwyneth Paltrow, and a fist-full of fivers.

The Coldplay frontman fought off some staunch supporters in an all-out Banksy bid-off, including some chancers by the name of Bette Midler and Kevin Bacon… or someone. ;)

Chris looked more of a funny shade of Red than Yellow as the gavel came down on his final bid of a tidy $400,000!

The piece in question was Banksy’s one-of-a-kind heart balloon, auctioned in aid of the Haiti earthquake victims.

The J/P Haitian Relief Organisation has been working since the 2010 earthquake to provide emergency care and sustainable shelter and education to the people of Haiti. But Penn says he hopes his organisation is obsolete within 10 years.

Don’t forget, we do our very own prints on super-soft organic cotton in both mens and womens sizes… just £17!


Mancsy! Manchester’s Answer To The Elusive Street Artist  Comments (1)


No, his name’s not really Mancsy. See what we did there though? ;)

Meet, Stewy. He’s the dude behind some of Manchester’s most iconic and much-loved pieces, including; Mr Manchester, Quentin Crisp, JCC, and more!

Mr Manchester, aka, Tony Wilson, is the centre piece of his recent Northern Souls exhibition. It features the man himself, creator of the world-famous, Hacienda nightclub, and co-founder of the mighty Factory Records, and was unveiled on the walls of the Fac 51 venue just before the new year.

This ran alongside a pop-up exhibition at the Great Northern, which also included the graff-head’s favourite, Frank Sidebottom, which was re-sprayed on to chipboard for the event alongside a couple of others.

I have chosen individuals who have touched our lives directly or indirectly by being alive,” the East London based artist told MM. My favourite has to be the first of the stencils ‘Frank Sidebottom’, who appeared first in Timperley and then Oldham St, Manchester and I chose to make Frank just after his death. Each stencil is a very personal experience as after creating them often a new journey begins where I meet friends and family of my chosen icon as a consequence of my attempt to remember their contribution to society.

Stewy’s distinctive stencils include squirrels scurrying under shop windows in the Northern Quarter, his cat sat patiently on the wall on Thomas Street, and Quentin Crisp standing proudly on Canal street and the Kings Arm pub, Salford.

The artist was first inspired while growing up in the 70s and 80s seeing political street art at the end of terraces in Belfast and Derry defining lines and boarders between groups and this is reflected in his creations.

My work is split into two types – people and animals. The people appear to remind us of friends past and present, like ghosts across the street. Manchester is a people’s city, the buildings are strong and seem to radiate stories from a proud industrial past. It inspires me because it’s so rich in obscure iconic figures – it’s a wonderful city with the most welcoming and generous people.

Pretty cool! :)

Has Banksy Hit Bolton Or Is This Another Fake?  Comments (0)


A new Banksy-esque mural has appeared on a derelict building in Astley Bridge, Bolton.

In a similar vain to Banksy’s famous rat stencils, this piece has left a red blood-stained paw print, with the another donning a nuclear symbol on its chest.

Mr Yates, spotted the new image and couldn’t quite believe his eyes.

We nearly crashed the car when we spotted them. We drove on a bit further, before deciding to turn back and take a closer look. If it’s not Bansky’s work, then they’re either really good copies, or somebody is particularly good with a stencil.

If we’re honest, we don’t think it is Banksy, but, at the same time, it is a good piece. Whoever it is has got some skills.

What do you think? Let us know. ;)


Speechless. Ron Mueck’s Hyper-Realistic Sculptures.  Comments (0)

These creations are those of an Australian-German born, London-based, artist named Ron Mueck.

He spent 20 years in Australian and British television and advertising, where he was already making the mannequins that he later adapted to sculptural purposes. Mueck took part in the exhibition Sensation at the Royal Academy in 1997 with mixed media sculpture Dead Dad, an unsettling illusionistic rendition of his own deceased father, half life-size.

Mueck sculpts in clay, makes a plaster mould around it and finally replaces the clay with a mixture of fibreglass, silicone and resin; the technical skill involved has often been foregrounded by critics to the detriment of its content. (some content sourced from The Tate Gallery).

The detailed sculptures are captivating when viewed up close, as they may be many times larger or smaller than expected.

How the F does he do it?

Never Liked This Banksy – Love Plane Edit  Comments (0)

never-liked-this-banksyBanksy’s Love Plane street art in Liverpool has a new edit… ‘Never Liked This Banksy’.

The added stencil went up below the 15-foot biplane and heart-shaped smoke trail on the side of Norwich House next to Rumford Street car park.

This was despite the graffiti being protected by a plexiglass sheet which was put in place in 2012 after the work had the words “BANKSY 4 ROBBO” spray painted across it.


The rat is similar to an earlier piece in Liverpool, spelling out, ‘Never Liked The Beatles’.

Banksy is a regular around The Pool, with his giant rat mural famously decorating the former White House pub.

He also donated a ‘vandalised’ statue to the Walker Art gallery, which houses one of the largest art collections in England, outside of London.

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A huge congratulations to our 25th, and final, Santas Ghetto Giveaway Winner, Melissa Williams!

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Happy Christmas! x


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